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Ensure a steady and reliable food supply for your household with these essential ideas. Discover tips and tricks to stock up on pantry items and create a well-prepared kitchen.
How to Make Hardtack: A Cracker That Lasts for Years Food Storage, Emergency Preparedness, Emergency Food Supply, Emergency Food Kits, Emergency Food, Best Emergency Food, Emergency Rations, Disaster Preparedness, Food Supply

Hardtack is a long-term storage food made of just a few simple ingredients. The name comes from the British slang word for food: tack. So hard tack actually means ‘hard food’ – and you’ll discover that hardtack is a very, very hard food! You can’t just bite into a piece of hardtack. You need to soak it first. If not, you could break a tooth.

Does the term "food storage" overwhelm you? Check out this week's post for some easy ideas on how to get started and to learn the difference between a stockpile, food storage, and hoarding! Emergency Preparation, Food Storage, Emergency Preparedness, Organisation, Foodies, Larder, Pantry Storage, Emergency Food Storage, Food Pantry

Food Storage. This can be a yucky word in some households. Images of #10 cans almost 50 years old is what came to mind when I heard &qout;food storage&qout; for quite a few years! But now, I have a different opinion.Why Food Storage: We are accustomed to being able to run out the the grocery or corner store a…

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Food/Water Storage Articles Starts at what you need for 3 months.  I am making this as part of my "emergency fund of 3-6 months expenses" per Dave Ramsey baby step 3. Survival Tips, Food Storage, Food Store, Thing 1, Food Supply, Just In Case, Survival Food, Provident Living, Freeze Drying Food

Starting a food stockpile may be easy if all you want is be covered for 1-2 weeks, but things get tricky if you want enough supplies to last longer. In what follows, you can download over a dozen resources related to stockpiling, canning, and root cellars. To download any of the files, right select on Link, ... Read more

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