Foot soaks

Give your feet the pampering they deserve with these rejuvenating foot soak ideas. Discover natural remedies and luxurious foot soak recipes to provide relief and relaxation to your tired feet.
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The idea behind a foot detox is that you rid your body of harmful chemicals and toxins – which are the cause of some illnesses according to the Center for Disease Control (Gould, 2016). It’s similar to a warm detox bath, only it’s just for your feet. Fill a shallow metal bucket, dishpan, or just use the tub to make these five simple foot soaks that will pamper your feet and your immune system with some quality home spa indulgence. (There are no guarantees with these but they may be good to…

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Our feet are involved in most of the daily activities in our life and hence one of the most hard-working parts. Hence, we get a relaxing feel after a pedicure or foot massage. Let us see some of the simplest recipes for detoxing your foot.

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