Fragrance samples

Find the perfect fragrance samples for any occasion and explore a world of scents. Try before you buy and find your signature scent today!
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Who doesn’t like to smell nice? In fact, the feeling of getting a compliment on our favorite perfume feels absolutely great. If you’re a perfume lover, it stands to reason that you enjoy trying out new fragrances. It can, however, take a toll on your wallet. So isn’t there any way to save money? Thankfully there is- and that’s perfume samples.

Lynn Leeper Lange
Le Labo Fragrance Samples       ( Le Labo is a 100% Vegan and cruelty-free company) Perfume Bottle Design, Diy Perfume, Skincare Packaging, Perfume Packaging, Fragrance Samples, Perfume Samples, Jasmin, Iris, Santal

My newest discovery: fragrance samples for purchase, direct from Le Labo online, samples are $5 each for 1.5 ml (0.05 fl oz). I really like their economical creative packaging. Each vial comes packed in a cardboard sleeve/tube with a lab sticker. Even better is the fact that each vial comes with a spritzer for easy application. I love that shipping was included in the price (or rather that I was not charged extra). More fragrance lines and stores should offer samples for purchase or even a…

Shelly Fraley