Free standing bird feeders

Attract a variety of birds to your yard with these unique free standing bird feeders. Discover top ideas to create a welcoming environment for feathered friends and enjoy the beauty of nature.
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How to Make a Wooden Bird Feeder Stand DIY

Create a wooden bird feeder stand in just a couple of hours. The supplies needed to complete this project include: supplies for wooden bird feeder post Tools: post hole digger (or a shovel) level (or an iphone) tape measure caulk gun drill Supplies: 4 x 4 10' wooden post Gorilla construction adhesive 4 12" Forged Vine Brackets Fast Set Bag of Concrete Mix 4" Newport High Pyramid Topper Screws 12 x 2 Silver 1/4" x 1.5" Lag Screws Optional: Wooden bird house Step 1: Dig hole 36" Deep Step 2…

Jacque Rudy
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backyard paradise ~ part 2

Oh my. It is almost the end of the week... again. It has been a crazy week here. Close to a hundred and SUPER Humid - Everyday. Except today... this morning it is back to normal!! This humidity tho. wow. One morning I got up and every window was solid white-out of the bathroom mirror when you take a hot shower. It was crazy, I have never seen anything like it. We were inside a terrarium.!! The dog wouldn't even go out when I opened the door. Nasty. Hard to get things done AND…