Fresh dates

Explore a variety of delicious and nutritious ideas to enjoy fresh dates. From sweet treats to savory dishes, discover new ways to incorporate this versatile fruit into your meals.
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Q: I am an adventuresome eater, willing to try anything once. I see fresh dates, sold on sticks, and have no clue what to do with them, how to eat them — I do have to say I tried sneaking one and biting into it and it was horrid — same pruning effect as eating an unripe persimmon — which if you have never had the misfortune — is akin to eating chalk.Do you know what to do with fresh dates? They look so beautiful on their stalks.

Sandra Gross MsMitzvah
Fresh dates, if you have not tried these, you need to. Only available a very short time in late August and early September for much of North Eastern United States. When they look ugly and past ripe, that's when they are best! Plant Based Diet Benefits, Lemon Health Benefits, Green Tea Benefits, Healthy Benefits, Halal Recipes, Healthy Snacks Recipes, Quick Recipes, Nutrition Recipes, Lemon Healthy

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