Fried pork

Discover a variety of mouthwatering fried pork recipes that will satisfy your cravings. Try these easy and flavorful dishes for a delicious meal the whole family will love.
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When Chinese people think of pork, they always think of pork ribs first. Pork ribs are a delicious part of pork, how do you like to cook ribs? Fried, boiled, barbecued, or other cooking methods? Today in my Chinese home kitchen, I will cook Chinese deep-fried pork ribs. This is my first time to deep-fry pork ribs. Let us learn to make deep-fried pork ribs together.

john mcdonald
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Did you anyone else drool while playing Cooking Mama? Welcome to my new series for May, where I share my favorite recipes inspired by my favorite game, Cooking Mama! We will be making EXTRA CRISPY and CRUNCHY Tonkatsu - Japanese Fried Pork Chops to start the series. I tested five different methods for this recipe, and I promise that your Tonkatsu will be crispy every single time! Crunchy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and dipped in homemade Tonkatsu Sauce. You don’t want to miss out…

Madison Moore