Fried zucchini batter

Try these mouthwatering fried zucchini recipes with a crispy batter. Discover how to make the perfect batter and enjoy a tempting snack or appetizer at home.
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So many zucchinis! When I planted my vegetable garden back in the spring, I didn’t realize I would get such a generous bounty. My friends Cort and Kathleen share the produce from their amazing garden as well, so I’ve ended up with quite a few of them! All the better, since crispy battered zucchini are […]

Jennifer Chapman
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Beer Battered Zucchini & Onion Rings at home, yes you can do this! Delicious and easy to prepare, you'll love pairing these with a juicy steak! Who doesn't love Beer Battered Zucchini & Onion rings. Mmmm, I know I love them and have I mentioned I have zucchini coming out my ears? Well I do.

Darcy Sabol