Fun backyard

Transform your backyard into a fun and exciting space for outdoor entertainment. Discover top ideas to create a playful atmosphere and make the most of your outdoor area.
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We always harp on about how the backyard can be your safe refuge and a perfect place for a lovely staycation. This is ever truer in the times of a global pandemic when we are reluctant to step outside for anything beyond what is absolutely necessary. But the serene and relaxing backyard can be a […]

Cl Conley
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UPDATE: Don’t miss Part 2 of this makeover, a One Year later update and Two Years later update! Today is the culmination of months of labor intensive, physically and mentally exhausting work (but as always… worth the effort!) We started this project back in February, when the yard looked like this: Knocking down the concrete […]

Alicia Consiglio
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We recently gut remodeled our home, resulting in a new home AND a backyard transformation with a sport court! When we bought the house, the “yard” was a driveway because the garage was in the backyard. We created an open concept kitchen/family room where the garage previously was and added a garage to the front […]

Natalie Jacqueline
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Today while we enjoy the convenience of all the electronic devices in our lives like computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets in our lives, it has also taken away something from us, especially the kids of this generation. What has it taken away you ask. Just think back to the last time you have seen kids in your neighborhood enjoying some game that is played physically on the lanes or roads near your home. We are sure that these sights have become rare and more likely to have happened…