Funny billboards

Get ready to laugh out loud with these funny billboards that will brighten up your day. Check out the top ideas for clever and humorous advertisements on the road.
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The whole point of road signs is to get important messages across in a clear and concise manner. And typically, when you see a sign, it’s for some sort of warning like wet floor, speed limits/roadwork, or maybe even something like directions (in the form of an arrow) for how to get to the bathroom.But these ones that we’ve got for you are a little bit different than your typical everyday road construction sign. These hilarious signs will have you laughing your booty off!

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While some highway advertisements are just distracting, others are downright entertaining. Whether an ad agency came up with a clever design, a hilarious graffiti artist had their say, or a fail never got fixed, funny billboards keep us chucklin' as we roll on down the road.