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Designing a tutorial level is one for the more difficult tasks a level designer must accomplish. Tutorial Levels require the player to learn all the basic mechanics of the game in a short area, and have fun while doing so to then hook the player. Here is my basic tutorial level design for our in house Satire Platformer, Jumping Jim. In this map, Jumping Jim must collect all the coins and follow the flowers to the end to further progress and save the garden. By passing the flowers he is…

ArtStation - The Scarlet Keep - Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, Jeff Horal Level Blockout, Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, Game Level Design, Game Background Art, Board Game Design, Video Game Design, Level Design, Destiny 2, Game Background

A whole bunch of screenshots of our work on The Scarlet Keep for Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. I was lucky enough to get to design and build this strike from start to finish, but as usual it was a huge collective effort between many talented people. Big credit to goes out to : Gameplay designer: Daniel Grafstrom Palette artists: Ethan Scheu, Andrew Kreutzer, Aaron Cruz, Steve Klipowicz World artists: Kyoungche Kim Lighting: Madison Parker Skies: Mark Goldsworthy Be sure to check out their…

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