Gemstone necklace

Enhance your style with a beautiful gemstone necklace that adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. Discover top ideas to find the perfect gemstone necklace for any occasion.
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Emanate individuality with our meticulously crafted Bohemian Crystal and Pearl Necklace. A fusion of Bohemian charm and ethnic allure, this exquisite piece embodies the essence of free-spirited style. Each crystal and pearl is lovingly handpicked and meticulously arranged, reflecting a unique interplay of colors and textures. The Bohemian-inspired design exudes an air of wanderlust, embracing your distinct persona. Draped around your neck, it's a statement of your artistic spirit…

Patricia Folkerts
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Gemstones are powerful tools for healing, strength, and growth. I wanted to include all of the beautiful colors and shapes of my favorite gemstones in this one of a kind piece ✨ Stones included: Rose quartz Pink moonstone Rutilated quartz Watermelon Tourmaline Sunstone Moonstone What is gold-filled? Gold-filled pieces are stunning jewels that are second to pure gold. These pieces have gold that is mechanically bonded to the base metal. ( i.e brass and copper). Gold-filled is perfect for…

Maria Alejandra Aguiño Rios
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Unique yet timeless Fine jewelry. Our rings, necklaces, earrings & bracelets are by designers: Jennie Kwon, Melanie Casey, Sofia Zakia, Sirciam, Artemer, Yasuko Azuma, brooke gregson, Mason Grace, Lumo, Everett Jewelry, ROSEDALE, Lumo. We use ethically sourced moonstones, opals, diamonds, tourmaline, sapphires, rubies.

Samantha Weeks