Genital piercing

Explore a variety of unique and stylish genital piercing ideas to express your individuality. Discover how these piercings can enhance your personal style and provide a subtle hint of rebellion.
Genital Piercing Etiquette- What to Expect and How to Prepare Piercing, Genital Piercing, Consent Forms, Erection, Piercings, Aftercare, Healing Process, Taboo

Genital piercings are some of the most empowering, magical, and affirming piercings we as piercers get to do. They also can be some of the most intimidating and overwhelming piercings for clients to get done. The vulnerability of someone seeing your genitals is already very hard to overcome, and then beyond that the discomfort of having them pierced- likely by a stranger? That’s very hard for many people to wrap their minds around. So today, I want to try to soothe your nerves by helping you…

Deborah Cano-Roadie Chick