Genre painting

Discover the captivating world of genre painting and immerse yourself in the rich storytelling and vibrant scenes depicted in this timeless art form.
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A young girl stands in a larder drinking milk directly from a pitcher. Light from a window at the right illuminates the interior, revealing various utensils, including a rack of pewter spoons hanging on the back wall, a shelf of dishes, a cupboard, a wooden dairy bucket, and several strainers. The floor is laid in earthenware hexagonal tiles.

Dasha Frantz
10 great paintings by Ilya Repin that everyone should know - Russia Beyond Ilya Repin, Russian Painting, Gallery Artwork, Historical Painting, Book Catalogue, Portrait Sketches, Great Paintings, Art Programs, Russian Artists

"The face and soul of man, the drama of life, the impressions of nature, its life and meaning, the spirit of history—these are our themes," wrote Repin, who was celebrated as a master even during his own lifetime. His works reflect Russian art’s main ideological and formal aspirations in the second half of the 19th century.

Marcio Sacchitelli