Goal setting for students

Unlock your potential and achieve success with these proven goal setting strategies for students. Learn how to set SMART goals and stay motivated throughout your academic journey.
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Student Academic Goal Setting Sheets

I came across a pin the other day about helping students set academic goals for themselves and I just loved the idea! Setting, working towards, and achieving goals is a powerful skill that will help students not only be successful now, but also in the future. This is learned skill they can benefit from for a

Tonya Kennedy
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19 Middle School Student Goals Worksheet

This goal setting worksheet is a great way to keep track of your academic, extracurricular, and personal goals this school year. With sections allocated to each topic, you can easily identify the areas in which you want to excel and record the steps required to accomplish so. To take charge of your goals, get the Middle School Student Goals Worksheet right away!

Nicki Turner