Goddess of egypt

Uncover the captivating allure of the Goddess of Egypt and delve into the rich mythology and symbolism associated with her. Explore top ideas to incorporate the essence of the goddess into your life.
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Bast is best known as the feline Goddess of ancient Egypt, also called Bastet. Worshiped throughout Upper and Lower Egypt, the exact period is unknown but some believe it was around the time of the second or Han dynasty. Her cult was centered around the city of Bubastis. Originally a lioness goddess, Bast is usually...

Mandy Andrews

Best cover artist for romances in the historical category by the Published Authors Network of Romance Writers of America. I was born in North Carolina, and was raised in Gainesville, Florida. I graduated from P.K. Yonge Laboratory School in Gainesville, Florida, and Temple University’s Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia in 1981'.

Jonathan Lendio Tamula