Government unit study

Engage students in a captivating government unit study that brings civics to life. Explore top ideas to deepen their understanding of how governments work and inspire active citizenship.
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I like to keep my students guessing about they'll be doing in class each day. And, one of my favorite twists is to let my students use food as a manipulative. In particular, I like to have my students use gummy bears to create scenes that represent various topics. It may seem a little odd, but my students (even my too cool for just about anything Seniors) love this change of pace. Here are some different ways I've used gummy bears in my classes. 1. Civics - As a introduction to different…

Create a Society Project: Middle School Project on Creating Your Own World Middle School, Lesson Plans, Middle School Projects, Middle School Social Studies Lessons, Social Studies Projects, Social Studies Middle School, Social Studies Lesson Plans, Social Studies Lesson, School Projects

In this project focused lesson, students create and define a society as part of the Create a World series. It's a social studies lesson plan and creative writing activity in one.