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Explore the principles and practices of ancient Greek medicine, and learn how you can incorporate this ancient wisdom into your modern healthcare routine. Uncover the secrets of longevity and holistic healing with Greek medicine.
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Listen to this episode from The Holy Grail Quest on Spotify. Diving deep into the many secret teachings and symbolism of the ancient Gnostic serpent of wisdom and its deep occult mysteries in relation to the serpent on the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the brazen serpent raised up by Moses for the healing of the Israelites, the serpent symbolism of Christ on the cross and the Naga/Nazorean secret rituals and beliefs from Israel, Ethiopia to India. And the…

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A number of words commonly used in the English language come from Greek – some directly from Ancient Greek, but most through Latin, French and/or other languages. We recently published a 4-part series dedicated to these words, divided according to various fields (such as literature, science or religion) but did not include the multitude or […]

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The period from the 8th century until the 13th century AD is commonly referred to as the Islamic Golden Age. During this era, the Islamic world produced numerous scholars who contributed greatly to various branches of human knowledge, including philosophy, mathematics, and astronomy.

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