Grendel's mother

Unravel the mysterious tale of Grendel's Mother and delve into the depths of her character. Discover fascinating insights and interpretations of this enigmatic figure from Beowulf.
Grendel’s Mother is thought to be as hideous and strong like Grendel. Her tough skin is no match for any weapong and her claws can kill a man with one swing. In the battles between Beowulf & Grendels mother she destroys beowulfs helmet and almost kills him with a rusty blade. Anglo Saxon, Art, Norse Mythology, Statue, Fantasy Artwork, Mythological Creatures, Grendel's Mother, Norse Vikings, Legends And Myths

We may love the protagonists of our favorite novels but without an antagonist to struggle against those novels would be very dull. Lots has been written about the roles played by women in literature and this list celebrates female villains. Some we hate and some we love to hate. Here are ten of the best worst women of literature.

Marten Richard Borg