Guess room

Transform your guess room into a cozy and welcoming space with these creative ideas. Create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for your guests to relax and enjoy their stay.
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Your guest room is not a spare room. Not only should it be free of cobweb,s it should not hold the twenty-six boxes in an odd assortment of cardboard duct-taped together and marked miscellaneous. Banish these things, these special momentous sentimentality (emphasis on mental) that when you can look at it as a third party, […]

Corey Gutierrez
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I have a fun post for you today! It actually took me way more time to put together, but it was so fun and really valuable to me. I shared 22 things that every guest wants in a guest room. I had over 1,000 of you give suggestions on what you want in a guest room! And I narrowed it down to the top suggested items. I feel bad I didn't have for my guests! And if you have ever been curios where we host guests then you will love this post! I shared what this sofa looks like pulled out too! See it…

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A modern concrete house located in Mexico, that has plenty of room for entertaining, a swimming pool, and interior with hidden lighting throughout.

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We’ve rearranged the guest room twice already, and we’re going in for round three. There’s a lot that’s “wrong” with this orientation. For starters, we centered the bed under the window, giving it a little room on the left for a nightstand — but it’s so close to the wall on the right that you […]