Gummi bears

Explore a variety of mouthwatering and chewy gummi bear recipes and ideas that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Get inspired to create fun and colorful treats for any occasion.
Seriously, what kid didn't/wouldn't love this show? | The 13 Best "Disney Afternoon" Shows Disney, Animé, Cartoon, Nasa, Bumbo, Bear Character, Captain Tsubasa, Bear Cartoon, Bear

Original series run: Sept. 14, 1985–Feb. 22, 1991Plot: The Gummi Bears are a clan of six anthropomorphic bears (aren’t they always?) who secretly live beneath a hollow tree known as Gummi-Glen in the medieval kingdom of Dunwy where they harvest berries for their Gummiberry Juice, a magical concoction that gives the Gummies the strength and ability to bounce to huge heights.Final verdict: Wonderfully written, the series fit perfectly in with other ‘80s medieval fantasy-themed cartoons like…

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