Hairstyles for women drawing reference

Explore a collection of creative hairstyles for women, perfect for reference in your drawings. Get inspired and bring your characters to life with these stunning hairstyle ideas.
how to draw female anime hair | 50 Female Anime Hairstyles by ~MiriamDreesbach on deviantART Portrait, Croquis, Drawing Hair Tutorial, Hair Reference, How To Draw Hair, Gaya Rambut, Hair Sketch, Girl Drawing, Anime Girl Hairstyles

Description Full view please! My best friend just drew 50 female Anime hairstyles for me. "Pack back is a bitch!" *has Laverne Roberts' church choir song in her mind* I was so proud of her and amazed of her work... That's why I drew my "own" 50 hairstyles~ It was an awesome exercise and I love to draw hair! I started yesterday and finished one hour ago. I think of a sequel... I tried to avoid direct hairstyle copies so I worked without any (direct) reverences. But of course I was governed by…

Bob Garpen