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Get inspired with these creative DIY Halloween costume ideas for boys. From superheroes to spooky creatures, find the perfect costume to make your little one stand out this Halloween.
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This post is in collaboration with Oakhurst.Halloween may look a little different this year but doesn’t mean the boys and I aren’t making the best of it! It also means we needed to get a little bit more creative to get in our share of Halloween fun. So this past weekend I told the boys... Read More

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This Halloween season I have been thinking of fun costumes for siblings and families to dress up in. We have a few in store this week and I'm kicking it off with DIY Mario and Luigi costumes. People have been dressing as this awesome duo since I was a kid. The costumes are easy and can work for toddlers, kids and even adults. The good thing with making these costumes yourself, is that a least 2 of the items, the main items and be reused.

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If you’re looking for a fun and easy DIY costume for your child this Halloween, consider a cowboy! With just a few simple items, you can turn your little one into an adorable cowpoke. Start with a plaid shirt and denim jeans, then add a bandana, cowboy hat, and some cowboy boots. To complete the […]

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