Halloween gourds

Get inspired by these unique and creative Halloween gourd decorations. Discover fun and spooky ideas to make your Halloween decor stand out with gourds.
a red pumpkin shaped like a jack - o'- lantern

Halloween Gourd Craft Project – Making a Gourd Jack o’Lantern Below, you will find instructions on how to design and make a jack-o-lantern from a hard shell gourd. Gourds make a better jack o’lantern because they can last forever. You may choose to use a pattern or draw freehand directly onto the gourd. You will need: a clean dried gourd ... Read More

Leslie Jay
a white vase with the word boo on it sitting on a table next to a pillow Decoration, Halloween, Halloween Decorations, Halloween Crafts, Halloween Pumpkins, Halloween Gourds, Halloween Diy, Halloween Fun, Halloween Painting

Hello friends...welcome back to my nest. I hope everyone on the east coast survived hurricane Irene this past weekend. In my part of Virginia we got some wind and a good amount of rain, but nothing dangerous. Before Irene, you can see the storm clouds beginning to roll in. However, she was gone almost as quickly as she came. Prayers go out for the lost lives that were reported. * * On to the 'gourd' part of my post... My sweet friend Phyliss gave me some gourds a few years back. I painted a…

Gay Williams