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Explore stunning hand applique techniques and projects for DIY enthusiasts. Learn how to create intricate designs with hand applique and add a unique touch to your crafts.
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Those of you who are following along with the construction of Twilight Gardens may have been wondering about the applique coming up in block 5. We are not quite there yet, but I thought I would give you a little primer on one way to do applique. It seems there are dozens of ways to applique one fabric to another, and ultimately, you need to try a few methods and find the one you like the best and gives you the best results. I tend to be a hand applique person, and many of you are not, and…

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Without wishing to sound like a stuck record, I absolutely love hand sewing. I hand sewed my first quilt in my late teens/early twenties by the English Paper Piecing method.... as you can tell, the going out night clubbing phase seemed to pass me by! 20 'ahem' years later, I still love EPP, but I also 'now love' appliqué..... I say 'now love', as I am sure like many of you, I believed up until a few years ago, that applique in particular needle turn applique, was something only the most…

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