Hangover alan

Relive the hilarious and unforgettable moments of Hangover Alan. Discover the top scenes that will have you laughing non-stop and wanting more.
FACE IT: "It's not a Man Purse, It's called a satchel. Indiana Jones has one." Avengers, Films, The Hangover, Movie Tv, Indiana Jones, One Man Wolf Pack, Movies And Tv Shows, Great Movies, Elton John

I love this quote from the Hangover. I'd like to start with Urban Dictionary's multi definition of 'man-bag.' It's rather funny. * A bag with one strap worn by metrosexual or homosexual males, especially prevalent in cities and on college campuses. * A purse or large duffel bag or any type of bag carried by a man. NOT ALWAYS gay. * A stylish small pouch with one strap or a large messenger bag, simply carried by men.The men who wear these aren't all necessarily gay. They are just metrosexual…

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