Hazel Levesque

Learn about Hazel Levesque, a courageous and powerful character from the Heroes of Olympus series. Discover her incredible journey and join her in her quest to save the world.
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~THΣRΣ ΔRΣ ΠΩ SΣCRΣTS THΔT TIMΣ DΩΣS ΠΩT RΣ∇ΣΔL~ When Gaea was defeated, She left the demigods with a little gift... She mysteriously took away the mist. How? Even the gods didn't know. Will the demigods get a break after their long adventures? Of course not... The gods will make a stupid decision that will lead our heroes to school, where monster attacks, high school dramas and much more will take place... But the question is: will the demigods get revealed? And if so... how?

Ashna Zavery

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