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After we had the tile ripped out in our kitchen, we decided to replace the granite with this gorgeous slab. I will be sharing a little more about that this week. We were debating between a couple of different options for backsplashes, but ultimately decided on beadboard. I love that is has such a warm...Read More

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Goooooooood morning and happy Monday! It's an exciting day around here because today I get to show you the magical powers of beadboard. Yep, today I get to share the exact way we did beadboard backsplash in our kitchen. Whoot whoot! Now as you probably know, we recently finished our kitchen remodel, which I shared

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The day has finally arrived my friends! After nearly two years my kitchen redo is complete and ready to be shared!!! I'm just going to get right to it since you've waited long enough! For those of you who missed my sneak peek post last week here are the before pictures: And the long-awaited after: The flooring did not get changed and while I'm not crazy about it, it's still in nice enough condition that it's not a priority right now. We used bead board wallpaper and small trim on the flat…

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If your kitchen back splash is very dated and you don’t have a budget to replace it, what do you do? Well, follow along as I share with you how we updated our kitchen for under $100 When we moved into our house it was very dated. The home has great bones and we love […]

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