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Very Large Giraffe.  Well, it is April1st! .. Something to smile about for the weekend.  Found on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/42311564@N00/ #Giraffe Appaloosa, Animals, Animals Wild, Funny Giraffe, Giraffe, Giraffe Humor, Animal Pictures, Malinois, Terrier

The task was to photoshop a baby giraffe into something. Made for a contest at Fark.com. Obviously my most faved and loved picture here. I never thought it could be that big (pun intended) when I made it. On March 23rd, 2006 I got this image in an email from a co-worker who wasn't aware that I was the one who made it. Obviously it was forwarded by email already a few times. That made me so happy. I never emailed it out myself, just posted it here and on Fark.com, and now it looks like it…

Janice VanEe