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Enhance your space with the enchanting aroma and soothing glow of herbal candles. Explore top ideas to create a tranquil atmosphere and unwind in pure bliss.
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I make them to order. I ask you to please be patient, I do try to keep these tea lights made but geeze. I am only one person. I do get tired lol. I make everything in my shop and a few things just take more time than others. 🙏 18 Pack Botanical Sampler. My tea light candles are made with only fresh vibrant healthy dried herbs and flowers, grown and gathered by me. No pestisides were used on any collected flowers/herbs. These tea lights are all lightly fragranced the same with my own herbal…

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Botanical Tea lights-Cedar Set of 6 handmade and poured cedar infused tea light candles, handmade by me. The cedar is layered in while wax is hot and right before it cools ensuring even distribution of herbs throughout the candle not just placed on top like most advertised. Each tea light is fragranced with my own made herbal oil. Tea lights will burn for 3 1/2 hours, i have personally tested the candles. I use them all the time. I offer many different tea light candles variations for all…

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Herbal CraftMake Hand Rolled Herbal Beeswax CandlesMaking DIY rolled beeswax candles is astonishingly simple and has both a functional and beautiful outcome. It is a satisfying craft project for adults and kids alike. Keep your hands busy while enjoying teatime with friends. Encourage fine motor skills in children. Savor the honey sweet scent of the beeswax and the aromatic notes of crushed herbs. What are rolled beeswax candles? Rather than melting beeswax and pouring it in a vessel, you

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