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Discover a wide range of creative and engaging high school lesson plans that will keep your students motivated and excited to learn. Find the perfect lesson plan to make your classroom come alive.
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Don't buy a fancy, expensive teacher planner. See how I save my money and save myself a lot of time in the future with this teacher planner. A daybook with all your classroom routines and procedures. No need to write things over and over again. Perfect for when you have a substitute in your classroom. Any elementary, middle, or high school teacher can use this method for their day plans. This DIY planner is customized to your exact classroom schedule. Cheapest teacher planner you can find!

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This blog post explores innovative and engaging lesson plans for any novel unit... ranging from task cards to book instagram pages to a novel podcast project. Student choice is key here, and students can find something they would like to complete in order to convey their reading, comprehension, and

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This is a middle school lesson plan. A middle school lesson plan is a guide for teachers on how to conduct a lesson for their students. The objective (what students need to learn), how the goal will be attained (method of delivery and process), and a means to assess how effectively the goal was fulfilled are often included in the middle school lesson plan chart below (usually via homework assignments or testing). Click here and get this template to make your own middle school lesson plan.

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I read once that Albert Einstein remarked it is a miracle curiosity survives formal education. This observation has stuck with me: a pesky stone in my shoe. Somehow, amongst all the curricular demands, standardised testing, graduation requirements, examination preparation, and everything else which pulls at me, I desperately want to instill a sense of wonder, curiosity, and excitement in my students. I desire for them to love learning, to ask questions, to be curious about what they see…

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