High school reading

Discover a curated selection of engaging books for high school students to add to their reading lists. Cultivate a love for literature and expand your knowledge with these recommended reads.
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Do your high school students struggle to find books they can’t put down? Here are 31 student-approved books to read for high school that won’t disappoint!

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Are you looking for books to use in your high school classroom that will actually engage your students? High school novels aren’t always the easiest to choose, especially when you have a group of students who are reluctant readers. Try a few of these suggestions for novels to teach in high school English that will keep your students excited about reading.

Krista Diraffaele-Ayers
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For most of us as English teachers, reading was a love-at-first-sight kind of experience, and while some of our students have that same natural love for reading, others simply have cold feet. Thankfully, it only takes a little creativity and the right reading activity for a love of reading to bloom. To foster this love

Christeen Gilman
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Reading is one thing that many students struggle with. Some students get the underlying messages right away, while others need a little extra help. By the time students reach the high school level, we hope their reading levels have improved from their elementary years. While the majority of students' understanding have improved by the time they reach high school, there are still many students who get frustrated and struggle to read. Below, I will explain and discuss five important and…

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