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Relive your high school memories and create new ones with these unforgettable story ideas. Explore the world of teenage drama, friendships, and adventures in these captivating stories.
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We all know what kind of difference a good teacher can make in someone's life. A skilled educator has an opportunity to inspire students to pursue their goals and talents, can recognize their strengths and give them the most important knowledge they can offer. While we all should celebrate all of the amazing teachers out there, many schools still lack compassionate, thoughtful and talented teachers. A Twitter user who recently started a thread asking people to share their crappy teacher…

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When Henley Johnson moves to the small town of Riverview for her junior year of high school, all she really cares about is leaving her past behind. She finds herself being welcomed into the friend group of four amazing guys. Thrown into the world of friendship, and high school drama, the last thing on her radar is romance. But when she finds herself developing feelings for one of her friends, Henley is at a cross-roads. Does she take the risk of opening her heart after what happened at her…

Kayla Lee