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A man walks in to a bar with a box under his arm and says to the barman... | Jokes Of The Day Humour, Minions, Ideas, Funny Jokes, Bar Jokes, Dirty Jokes, Joke Of The Day, Clean Funny Jokes, Funny Long Jokes

... “If I can show something you have never seen before will you give me a free drink?” Now the barman has seen mostly everything in his time and says, “Sure, impress me and hell, I’ll give you a free tab for the eve!” So the man puts down the box and opens it and then he pulls a small...

James Michael Hill, Jr.
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Sandy Britton
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Enough with the child-appropriate humor! It's time for some dirt and filth that we all secretly crave—dirty dad jokes, X-rated jokes, and corny jokes for adults that would not be so school-appropriate. And don't be shy; even if you don't like (lies) filthy adult jokes, you must admit that you at least find them funny. Hey, your secret is safe with us.

Sandy Yarwood