Homemade bird toys

Enhance your pet bird's playtime with these fun and engaging homemade bird toys. Discover easy-to-make ideas that will keep your feathered friend entertained and mentally stimulated.
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There are a lot of great bird toys available to buy for our feathered friends. But when your bird goes through toys quickly, your budget can take a beating. Not giving toys is not an option. Birds need the enrichment they get from having a variety of toys to play with. Because of this bird parents get...Read More

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Today we're sharing some household items that you can use to make economical toys for your parrots. A quick word of caution before we dive in. Please remember that not every toy (or toy part) is safe for every parrot. Make sure you are watchful of how your bird interacts with new items you introduce, and that you fe

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How to Make Homemade Parrot Toys Out of Household Items. Parrots are a handful, and they need constant attention or stimulation. Making parrots toys is easy if you know what type of things they like. Parrots love to shred things, so making toys that are shreddable is important. So providing them with these fun foraging boxes can help curb other unwanted behaviors like screaming and chewing on things they shouldn’t. PHOTO FROM @ KIWITAN IG ...

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