Homemade burp cloths

Make your own burp cloths at home with these simple and practical DIY ideas. Keep your baby clean and comfortable with these homemade burp cloth designs.

When I had my first baby almost 5 years ago, I received a small stack of burp cloths from the wife of my husband’s boss. They were the perfect size and she had sewn cute coordinating ribbons on them. Of all the burp cloths I received, these were definitely my favorite because they also covered

Anita Stewart
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Spring seems like the season for babies! Do you have a baby shower to go to? Want to add just one more quick item to your purchased gift to make it extra special!?!? While I totally recommend my chenille burp cloths {if you are going to purchase a gift} these cloth diaper burp cloths are a great substitute if you are wanting to include a little something you made yourself!! They are super easy, fairly inexpensive {about $10} and you can customize them however you would like. ♥ Regarding my…

Amanda Kearley