Homemade workout equipment

Discover creative and cost-effective ways to make your own workout equipment at home. Get inspired with these DIY ideas to level up your fitness routine.
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I have to admit, I love working out. Honestly, I get so much satisfaction from breaking a sweat. A couple of years ago, I was going to the gym every single day, which I have to admit does have its benefits. Unfortunately, it can also be a bit expensive. Even at the cheapest gym membership...

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One type of equipment that’s often lacking in home gyms are machines. Following our guide, you can build a rack-attachable DIY Leg Press capable of holding 600+ LBs for less than $60 and an hour of your time. Setup is easy, but the gains are hard. Get to work.

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Starting a new workout regime? We often find no matter how much we want to work out and get in shape, finding time to hit the gym is not always possible. Never fear, you can actually create a home gym on a budget by making these cool ideas for DIY exercise equipment. From weights and

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As I explained previously, I am just beginning my fitness journey. Something I recently learned and have tried to share with others is that variety is key if you want to see results. Don’t believe me? Check out these studies where fitness experts explain just how important it is. What Are Battle Ropes & Why do I Want to Make Them? No longer just for MMA fighters or athletes, battle ropes are popping up all over the place across the fitness community. And for good reason. No matter where…

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