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Explore the terrifying world of horror comics that will send shivers down your spine. Discover gripping stories and captivating artwork that will leave you wanting more.
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By now, comics can hardly surprise you. They have become an insanely popular way of expressing thoughts and opinions in a humorous way that people around the world can have a quick laugh at. However, this artist will take a shot at bringing something new to the table. SpaceboyCantLOL challenges logic and reality with his absurd and funny comics that often end with twists you didn't see coming. His comics range from light-hearted to quirky to very dark, so there is a comic for everyone's…

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2 years ago we (writer Ehud Lavski and illustrator Yael Nathan), began creating short comics and uploading them to the internet. The only thing we hoped for was that they'll find an audience and will resonate with people. So far, our comics have been read over 20 Million times and many people have a strong emotional response when reading them.


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