How to cook lentils

Discover easy and tasty lentil recipes and learn how to cook lentils like a pro. Get creative with different flavors and techniques to enjoy this nutritious and versatile ingredient in your meals.
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This post is all about How to Cook Lentils! Perfectly cooked lentils should be tender, without falling apart, and well-seasoned. This tutorial walks you through our two favorite cooking methods for green and brown lentils, along with all the best tips for making them!

June MacCarthy
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How to Cook Lentils perfectly on the stovetop, oven, and pressure cooker so that they don't end up mushy. A nutritional powerhouse filled with protein, fiber, and minerals, learn about the most popular types of lentils, how they differ, and easy ways to incorporate more of these mini-sized legumes into your everyday cooking.

Jessica Randhawa | The Forked Spoon