How to make resin jewelry tutorials

Learn how to make stunning resin jewelry with step-by-step tutorials. Get started with these beginner-friendly guides and create your own unique pieces of wearable art.
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DIY Beginner Resin Jewelry Projects One of our all-time favorite things to create with resin are jewelry projects. With just a few affordable items you can create something beautiful. Today we’ve rounded up some of our top projects that are perfect for beginners looking to get into crafting with resin. We hope you enjoy! Which...Read More

Cherraine Winch
Making Molds with Organics to Create Sculpted Resin Tutorial + Video - Nunn Design Diy, Fimo, Molde, Crafts, Diy Epoxy Resin Jewelry, Diy Resin Mold, How To Make Resin Jewelry, Resin Molds, Resin Jewelry Molds

What You Will Learn: Making Molds with Organics to Create Sculpted Resin This tutorial is one of those fun techniques discovered while trying not to panic about my “resin window” closing and the mixture becoming too thick to use. It involves making and creating your own mold using organics, such as leaves, and pouring the [...]