How to use a mannequin for sewing

Learn how to make the most of a mannequin for your sewing projects. Discover tips and techniques to improve your garment fitting and design skills with this essential sewing tool.
Adjustable Dress Form: is it worth it? How to choose an adjustable sewing mannequin. Instagram, Dressmaking, Sewing, Adjustable Dress Form, Dress Forms, Dress Form, Dressmaker, Adjustable Dress, Love Sewing

Hello Darlings!You might have noticed on my Instagram that I love my dressmaker’s dress form (it’s almost in every photo there - I just can’t help myself, it’s so pretty!). Getting an adjustable dress form was a great decision for me and now that I have used it for 1.5 year I can share what I like and dislike about it.First, let's start with a few upclose photos:Front and back of the form. Dress form from side, wheels set on maximum, torso lengthened at maximum. Upclose view of hemline…

Albina Carpatina