Humanitarian aid

Learn how to provide effective humanitarian aid in crisis situations. Discover strategies and initiatives that make a meaningful impact in the lives of those in need.

By Peter C. Doherty The Ebola outbreak affecting Guinea, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and now Liberia is the worst since this disease was first discovered more than 30 years back. Between 1976 and 2013 there were less than 1,000 known infections. According to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention (CDC), March to 23 July 2014 saw 1201 likely cases and 672 deaths.

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Red Cross teams in Ukraine and the border countries are providing essential aid. In Ukraine, Ukrainian Red Cross volunteers are providing first aid, warm clothes, and support in shelters and metro stations. International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) are working to restore water supplies, provide support to medical facilities, and provide food and shelter to those affected by the fighting. This gift could cover the cost of 4000 chlorine tablets to ensure that families have access to…