Icing for gingerbread men

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Doesn’t everyone love gingerbread cookies? Personally, I love making them anytime of the year, not only for the holidays. But their taste is not their only appeal. Decorating them makes them come alive! This is an easy gingerbread man icing recipe that you can also use in any other type of cookie you want to decorate.

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Get the best results from your gingerbread cookie frosting by choosing the right type of frosting. Yep, the type of frosting changes based on your end goals. Who knew? (For the Best Tasting Gingerbread Cookie Recipe Follow this link) Gingerbread Cookie Glue Little hands apply a lot of pressure on gingerbread houses during the decorating...

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Recipe video above. Known as Royal Icing, this is an icing that's made for decorating any biscuits and cookies, like the Christmas Cookies shown in the photos. It sets hard, has a lovely glossy sheen that's like the cookies you get from gourmet stores and the best patisseries about town. RAW EGG?? Don't worry! The egg is not raw. It is "cooked" by the sugar. Essentially cured actually, in the same way that salt + sugar is used to cure things like salmon (like my Beetroot Cured Salmon and…

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These are truly the BEST gingerbread cookies! This recipe makes soft and chewy gingerbread cookies full of festive holiday flavor. My simple icing recipe makes it easy to decorate these cookies as snowflakes, Christmas trees, gingerbread men, and more!

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