Impasto painting

Discover the beauty of impasto painting and learn techniques to create texture and depth. Get inspired to create your own stunning impasto masterpieces.
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Bright Tulips in raised impasto oil paint. Sure to brighten you day! This is a tulip painting done in impasto oil with beautiful flowers raised from the surface of the canvas. Tulip increase according to size. Background of painting is a textured white. Small paintings are also a sweet personal gift. 8x8 is the first photo and the 2nd and 3rd photos are of a 4x4. Flowers increase to scale to canvas to give you a pretty painting. Custom Painting. Allow two to three weeks for painting to be…

Sayaka Noguchi
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An introduction to textured florals - Impasto art. Impasto painting is a painting technique that involves applying thick, textured layers of paint to a surface like canvas. In the case of impasto floral painting, artists use this same technique to create lifelike, 3-dimensional flowers and petals -often with a range of palette knives to help achieve the different shapes/sizes. One goal of this type of painting is to create a sense of depth and volume in the blooms, making them appear to jump…

Mariah Lavanway
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Looking to experiment with impasto palette knife painting? Here is a quick cheat sheet of my favorite supplies to get you started. While I strongly prefer using oils to achieve texture, heavy body acrylics paired with a good medium can almost mimic the textural qualities of oils. (**This is not sponsored by any of the following companies, it is simply my list of favs) Oil Painting Supplies 1. Gamblin White Oil. This will help you achieve a nice buttery consistency and is about $50 for a 16oz…

Sharon Hrabovsky