Indian wedding flowers

Add a touch of elegance to your Indian wedding with stunning flower arrangements. Explore top ideas for incorporating vibrant and fragrant flowers into your decor and create a memorable ambiance for your special day.
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Attending a beautiful Indian wedding is an exciting prospect for any first-timer – from the fashion to the food, here’s what to expect and all of the traditions you need to know about.

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Sometimes it’s easy to choose a single concept and run with it, and sometimes you want to incorporate a few different themes, like destinations or cultures, into your wedding. So many rad ideas influenced Michelle Elaine Weddings and the team below when dreaming up this editorial at The Foundry, from the vibrant colors of Day of the Dead...

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Marigold is a flower which is usedin India on any festive event. It is important part of Indian wedding decor and also during festivals. Flower shops in India are brimming with an abundant variety of flowers - especially marigolds any time of the year. Inspite of the abundance or because of it I feel marigold gets treated as a flower not worth to be put in vase for decoration or in flower arrangements. To break the myth I thought I will showcase some fabulous ways marigold is used to…

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