Indian women painting

Explore the beauty and culture of India through stunning paintings of Indian women. Be inspired by the vibrant colors and intricate details in these artistic masterpieces.
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Portrait of a woman - Fine art

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Divya Rajan
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Indian Queen Painting-Hand Painted Indian Women-Large Round Glass Framed Pendant Jewelry-Solid 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry-Wedding Jewelry =========================== Description : Metal: 925 Sterling Silver Weight: 25 Gram Approx Handmade Item Glass Framed Queen Painting This jewelry makes you incredibly beautiful :) Stand out from the crowd of mass-produced jewelry by showing yourself with a unique piece of handcrafted art. It is as unique as you are. You deserve to show that you are…

Achala Arora
Mudra Hands, Indian Dancer, Painting Indian, Woman Dancing, Indian Woman, Bollywood Dance, Dance Art, Henna Tattoo, Henna

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This item is a high-quality print crafted on a natural wooden block. The art image is based on our original painting named 'Dancing of the Phoenix'. The scene displays a beautiful Indian dancer woman in traditional attire and jewelry, forming a Mudra with henna-tattooed hands. Inspired in the Shastriya Devesh -- the 8 classical dance styles, played in the Hindu musical theater and adapted for those overflowing with life and joy Bollywood productions. It aims to capture at least some of the…