Indigenous people of north america

Uncover the fascinating history and traditions of the indigenous people of North America. Learn about their customs, art, and contributions to society, and gain a deeper appreciation for their unique heritage.
Indian Races of North and South America (c) 1865 Indigenous North Americans, Indigenous Peoples Of The Americas, Indigenous People Of North America, North American Indians, American Indian History, South America, North America, Indian Tribes, Indigenous Americans

760 p. incl. col. plates, ports. (part col.) front., 2 pl. 23 cm

Ralph Hutto
This what what I mean when I say Diversity - picture of globe with 6 distinct areas of racial diversity - faces of peoples from those areas. People, Animation, Character Design, Characters, Animated Drawings, Latin Men, The Past, American Style, Latino Men

There are 6 core racial groups (before migration + mixture) that need to be represented within all context. No South American Indigenous peoples are not Latino. Latin is the culture of colonization upon Native (South) American peoples. Just as North American Indigenous peoples speak English (a foreign language) are they now English people? Then why do we connect South America peoples so easily with being Spanish- when for many that is just the language they speak due to invaders?

Marrissa Centeno