Iron spider

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Iron Spider Armor

The Iron Spider Armor is a suit of armor that Spider-Man uses in combat. Tony Stark made the armor to give to Spider-Man because his suit was ruined and Tony wanted to guide him.[1]In Season 3, Spider-Man gives the armor to Amadeus Cho. The Iron Spider Armor has an arachnid-based design and is the same color as Iron Man's armor. Just like the silhouette on Spider-Man's costume, it's the same design, but it is larger and gold in color. Most of the armor is red, with the golden parts being on…

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Marvel's Spider-Man: Iron-Spider Suit, Henrique Naspolini

Art Direction: Jacinda Chew Lead Character Artist: Gavin Goulden Lead Character TD: Adalbert Kinsey Character TD: Sergio Sykes Senior Technical Artist: Chris Perrella Technical Artist: J Tuason