Iu hair

Get inspired by IU's stylish and trendy hairstyles to transform your own look. Discover the perfect hairstyle that suits your personality and enhances your beauty.
8 Times IU Changed Her Hairstyle Completely — Koreaboo K Pop, Gaya Rambut, Korean Girl, Ulzzang, Lee, Kpop Hair, Girl, Iu Hair, Kpop Girls

IU doesn’t change her hairstyle very often but, when she does, everyone is sure to take notice. Unlike most idols, IU doesn’t often change her hair in dramatic ways. She prefers instead to maintain a fresh image with natural colors and styles. That being said, over the nine years IU has been in the industry she has worn her hair in a number of styles that fans simply can’t get enough of. From bangs to ponytails to her unforgettable red hair she really has proven herself to be the princess of…

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