Iu moon lovers

Explore IU's unforgettable performance in the hit drama Moon Lovers. Discover why her portrayal of a charismatic and determined character captivated audiences worldwide.
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I don't own all of the characters. Most of the credit goes to the creators of Hwarang and my friend who helped me create this story along with the summary below, @mint_potato ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ji Dwi x OC/Reader "It ached me to see him break your heart (Ha Eun / (Y/N))....I wanted to give up everything and be there for you... B-Because I love you..." "Aren't you suppose to marry me?" "Sisters always stick together, no matter what..." (Kim Ha Eun / Kim (Y/N))…

JaelJo Jurado
IU  💖  "Moon lovers"  💔  "Scarlet heart: Ryeo

IU has always been known for her innocent charms and girl-next-door beauty that makes every guy wants to keep her as his girlfriend.Some of the still cuts from a recent drama shows IU dressing in the traditional style, which amplifies her beauty from head to toe. While we all can agree that IU is also undoubtedly glamorous in traditional costume, lets not forget to give kudos to the stylist behind all these as well, who did a really great job in bringing IU’s beauty out. Take a look at the…