Jack o lantern spider

Get inspired by these creative jack o lantern spider ideas to make your Halloween decorations spooky and fun. Add a touch of fright to your home with these unique spider-themed pumpkin carvings.
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Spider Pumpkin - Jack O' Lantern

Spider Pumpkin - Jack O' Lantern: Over the years, I saw some really cool 'Ibles showing how to make "Pumpkin Spiders". I've always wanted to create my own version of the Spider Pumpkin Jack O'Lantern for Halloween! :) So here's how to make a Spider Jack O'Lantern that casts a shado…

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How To Carve a Pumpkin Perfectly (+ Free Pumpkin Carving Templates)

I've put together 30 awesome free pumpkin carving templates for your DIY pleasure. Check them out in the slideshow, and once you've found your perfect pattern, read on...I'll show you how to carve that pumpkin perfectly.

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These Frightful & Delightful Jack-o-Lantern Templates Make Carving the Perfect Pumpkin a Breeze

Let's be real: Pumpkin-carving can be tear-inducing. Sure, it's all in the name of good fun, but when kids dive in and just can't seem to pull off the great artistic vision they have in their heads, they get frustrated — which, in turn, can rub off on us. Frustration for the whole family, yay! What may exist in a little mind's eye as a perfectly executed jack-o'-lantern face can turn into a major mess with one false move. While this cold dose of reality is quite common, don't fret…

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